Privacy Policy

More Voucher is devoted to keep your personal information safe and confidential. We also expect the same from our customers. Kindly read the following privacy policies to understand the mechanism of confidentiality and privacy that More Voucher maintains with your information, available with us.

The privacy policy is subjected to change with respect to the decision of the company. To stay updated keep visiting our official web page.  

What kind of data do we collect?

The information we collect is divided into two categories (please see below for more details on how we assemble it and what we do with it):

Information personally relevant to you (e.g., your name and contact details, communication preferences and customer history).

The data that does not directly identify you (for example, how you access our website), including:

  • Your IP address is obtained through the use of cookies; and

  • Your IP address or GPS data determine your location.

Remember that not all cookies contain personally identifiable information or unique identifiers; however, some do, and others can affect what you see on our website and others.

What methods do we use to collect data?

The following methods are used to collect information.

  • indirectly (for example, through third-party data providers or website technology that tracks and monitors your visits through your device, or similar technology when you use an application ("App") on a mobile device, or when you log in and share news through social media);

  • directly (for example, when you purchase a subscription, register for a account, download a mobile device application, or otherwise supply your information when interacting with us);

  • You have authorized location services for the applicable app or browser on your device (e.g., mobile, PC, or tablet). You can use This information for location-based services or advertising based on your preferences, which you can change on your device or via server, app, or website options.

  • For mobile web services using location technology, we employ a service that uses machine learning methods to analyze data from various connection types. Fixed connections of http and https, location consent requests on these sites, and mobile Apps employing https connections are all examples. You can find more information here. You can unsubscribe from this service here;

  • Using the social media account, we provide a rapid registration option via an App or the website that allows you to use your existing social network accounts. Suppose you use a social media account to log in to our website. In that case, you are giving that social media company permission to share your user credentials with us. Moreover, gather information about you and how you use our site (which process we do not control and will be subject to your social media account). When you post one of our stories on social media, that social media firm will track or identify you.

When you use social sign-on, we will collect the information you provided during the registration process for that social media site (following your preferences provided to that site and us when you use our social sign-on). Your social media version will be linked to your account, including in our provision of social media messaging to you.

If you subscribe to our website, we may automatically employ a card updater service to update your credit or debit card information. Your credit or debit card issuer provides this service, and you should contact them for further details.

Cookies and other technologies of this nature

When you visit certain websites, a cookie is a tiny bit of information stored on your computer. Other technologies with similar goals, such as tags and identifiers, are included when speaking to "cookies." On, you can learn more about how cookies are used.

If you access our sites for the first time with a new browser or in private browsing mode, we will display a cookies permission banner requesting your approval to use cookies as required by law. You can access our cookie control tool by clicking on this banner. We will begin to manage your visit using cookies if you click OK or navigate to any area of the site.

We use the following type of cookies.

1)Analytics cookies that recall your computer or mobile device when you strike our website and track visits across multiple devices. They keep track of surfing habits and assist us in constructing a profile of how our visitors use the site. 

We use that data for customer analytics and to offer advertising on our and other websites that we know will be of specific interest to you and serve editorial material customized to your interests when you visit our website or get our newsletters. Similar cookies may be used by your browser for similar purposes and serve adverts for third parties. The data we gather from your visit is restricted to our website's page URLs.

2) Service cookies help our website work as efficiently as possible by remembering your registration and login details. Also, by remembering your settings preferences, detecting what device you are using, adapting how we present our services to that device's screen size, and meeting the number of pages you view to administer the subscriptions.

3) Third-party advertising and analytics cookies are placed on our site by or on behalf of independent advertisers. These cookies may be put by us or by your browser within the advertisement and elsewhere on our site. They can give the advertiser or your browser the ability to target you with ads when you visit other websites. They are used for statistical analysis. It is done by allowing the advertiser to count the number of individuals that have seen their advertisement. Or how many times they have seen it. They ensure that you are not repeatedly served with the same advertising messages.

Keeping your information safe

The passcode you provide when registering with the website is encrypted to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access.

We put a lot of money into high-quality security and do everything we can to secure user privacy. We cannot promise the protection of your privacy and personal data or website usage because no data transference over the Internet can be completely secure. You provide any information at your own risk, as others may read it. However, we follow robust protocols to secure your data once we get your data.

ad blockers

To detect ad blockers, we employ JavaScript. The script is embedded in our website's source code. It verifies that advertising is displayed correctly on your device by replicating the advertisement's presentation.

  • We do not save any information on your device or handle your data by detecting ad blocks.

  • If we discover that you are using an ad blocker, we may display a message informing you of this.

  • If you use an ad blocker, we have the right to deny you access to parts or all of our websites.

We collects & utilizes cookies from third-parties & affiliate networks to improve user experience.